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We welcome you to Christ the Servant Lutheran Church as the place for your wedding. Weddings are wonderful events, not just for you who contemplate this new life for yourselves, but also for the church which sees a wedding as a great gift of life to be celebrated within the context of the Christian faith.


As you come to the altar of the church, you are asking that God would meet you here, and offer His strength and blessing and an example of His love to you so that your marriage may have great beauty and power in it.


We love to have weddings here, because they are grand celebration events in a worship context, and they bring people together in the best of human relationships.


We have established some guidelines and some organized procedures to enable your wedding to go smoothly.



The Setting

Of Your Wedding

The Sanctuary, Chapel, Community Hall, Fellowship Hall and other public rooms of the church are available for your wedding. The contemporary interior of the Sanctuary lends itself well to many colors. The seating capacity of the Sanctuary is 300. The Seating capacity of the Chapel is 50.


The pastors of Christ the Servant also officiate at weddings in settings away from the church building. Special arrangements may be made.




Time of Weddings and Rehearsals

 We request that you plan your wedding as early as possible. Due to space and time limitations we are able to host only one wedding per Saturday afternoon and one per Saturday evening. The appropriate spaces will be reserved for you at that time. The time periods are:


Saturday 10 a.m. 3:00  p.m.

Saturday 7:30 p.m. 10:00 p.m.


A rehearsal time will be reserved for the Friday evening prior to your wedding. The rehearsal will last 45 minutes and be conducted by the pastor. Rehearsal times are:


Friday 5:00 - 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.


Special schedules may be accomodated as time permits.


The Wedding Service

 A wedding is a worship service of the church which is highly personal and meaningful to you. As we plan wedding services, we make every attempt to put a deep personalization into the context and format of a traditional wedding service. However, wedding services are most often individually designed so that characteristics of your relationship are accented. The pastor will be pleased to discuss any plans with you.

 Some couples choose to have Holy Communion a part of their wedding. We have an open communion policy, which means that all are welcome to receive Holy Communion in this church. We believe that through the bread and wine, Jesus Christ comes to us with his own strength and life and forgiveness and newness. Holy Communion is meant for all when it is a part of a wedding. It is always offered to the entire congregation, with an appropriate explanation and invitation to the guests.


 Since the wedding is a worship service, great care needs to be given to insure that all music is in keeping with the tone of the service and consistent with the messages of the wedding. Music that reflects the Christian tradition, classical and contemporary, with a religious significance is appropriate. The music choices should enhance the joyfulness of your wedding service. All music choices will be approved by the Music Minister and Pastor.


The music in the wedding may consist of the following: Prelude, as the guests arrive; Processional; Solos (optional); Recessional, as guests leave. Appropriate vocal or instrumental selections, or a congregational hymn may also be used.


There are numerous choices for beautiful and inspiring wedding music. The Music Minister will help you with your selections to make your celebration special for you.


Staff For Weddings

 The Pastors - All weddings at Christ the Servant are conducted by the pastors of this church, who assist in the planning of your wedding service and administer and help you evaluate your relationship through the use of Prepare, a premarital counseling tool. If you have a pastor you wish to have involved with the service, that person may certainly participate along with one of Christ the Servant's pastors.

 The Music Ministers - The Music Ministers at Christ the Servant will assist with the selection of appropriate music, arranges for soloists or other musicians. All music for weddings is cleared through the Music Minister and Pastors.

 Clerical Staff - The Secretary at the church schedules your wedding and rehearsal, processes your wedding license, and keeps track of all fees. Wedding bulletins are not necessary for all weddings. If you would like a wedding bulletin, you need to have the bulletin proof-read by the Pastor and printed by a printer of your choice.

 Reception Services We are able to assist you with your reception if you choose to have it at the church. You provide the food and drink, and we will serve it for you. Or you may choose a caterer of your choice to provide food services. The Fellowship Hall can comfortably seat 40 at tables. The Community Hall can comfortably seat 150 at tables. If tables are not used, 200+ can be accomodated standing and sitting around the room.


A Few No-No's!

 Throwing Things - There are numerous ways your guests can share with you in your wedding and your joy. Because of the dangers and mess involved, we ask that there be no throwing of bird seed, confetti, or tissue flowers either inside or outside the church. Please advise your wedding party accordingly.


Use of Controlled Substances - There is a strict rule prohibiting the use of alcohol, drugs, or other chemicals on the church property. We will, however, allow a champagne toast for receptions at the church. Christ the Servant is also designated as a smoke-free environment. All smoking must be outside in the appropriate area and disposed of properly.


Wedding Receptions

 All receptions are scheduled through the office and coordinated by our Reception Coordinator. You may provide the food yourself or contract with a caterer.



 Pictures are important to your wedding. We want to make it possible to have good pictures and still not interfere or detract from the wedding service.


It is advisable to have pictures taken before the wedding so that you may be with your guests after the wedding. Some photos may be taken afterward if it is important that the bride and groom not see one another before the wedding. Photographers need to know the time parameters of the church so they may plan their agenda accordingly.


Photographers are not permitted to take flash pictures from the time following the family blessing after the processional until the final kiss, and are not permitted at the front of the sanctuary during the service. Non-flash photography is allowed at any time if it can be done without notice. All photographers should check with the pastor prior to the service for instructions about placement of cameras and where they may be during the service. Video cameras may be placed in specified positions.


Please note that church furnishings may not be moved for weddings and liturgical paraments placed in the sanctuary are determined by seasonal directives.



 Arrangements for floral decorations should be made with the florist of your choice, and all flower or candle or equipment placement must be approved by the pastor. Nails and tacks may not be put into any of the furniture or woodwork. Aisle runners are not allowed in the church. They are usually more trouble than they are worth and can even be a hazard.


The Wedding License

The state of Nevada requires that a license for marriage be obtained. A license must be obtained in Nevada. The marriage license can be obtained at the Marriage Bureau, Clark County Court House, 201 Clark Avenue, Las Vegas. Phone (702)671-0600, or 240 S. Water Street, Henderson. (702)455-1055. Las Vegas hours are 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 (midnight) including holidays. Henderson hours are Thursday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Closed for lunch from 12:00 noon to 12:30 p.m. and closed all legal holidays.) The cost is currently $55. We ask that the license be delivered to the church office at the latest by Monday of the week of your wedding to insure its completion by your wedding day. More info is at


Schedule For

Wedding Preparation

 Step 1 - Each wedding needs to be scheduled through the church office and the deposit paid. The church office number is (702)263-0802. The office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM 4:00 PM.


Step 2 - You will have an initial meeting with Pastor David or Pastor Diane. You will complete the Prepare premarital inventory. You will also receive a listing of suggested wedding vows as well as scripture readings.


Step 3 - Schedule a meeting with the Music Minister. She will assist you in all the music details.


Step 4 - You will have your second meeting with the pastor who will be performing your wedding. The pastor will interpret with you the Prepare survey, and discuss your wedding service.


Step 5 - The Wedding Rehearsal.


Step 6 - Your Wedding!





At the time you schedule your wedding, you will receive this fee schedule to enable you to know the cost of your wedding at Christ the Servant. We also ask you to pay a deposit of $50 which will reserve your date and time. Weddings will be secured for ten days to allow for your deposit to be mailed to the church office.

If you must cancel your wedding, we would appreciate your notifying the church office. If more than 30 days notice is given, your entire deposit will be refunded less $50 for Prepare, if already completed.

For current fees, please contact the church office at (702)263-0802
Fees are due at the church office one week prior to the wedding day. One check may be made for the entire amount, less your deposit, and made payable to Christ the Servant Lutheran Church.